An XROMM Study of Food Transport and Swallowing in Channel Catfish

We don't know how fish swallow food, but we do know they regularly swallow things half their own size (or more). We used biplanar X-ray video to track swallowing in 3D in catfishes.

Countcolors, an R package for quantification of the fluorescence emitted by Pseudogymnoascus destructans lesions on the wing membranes of hibernating bats

An R package for calculating the area and location of pixels in color ranges in images, used to count the area of white-nose syndrome infection in bats.

Quantitative color profiling of digital images with earth mover’s distance using the R package colordistance

An R package for quantifying color differences.

Winnowing in the geophagine cichlid Satanoperca daemon

Eartheaters (geophagines) are Neotropical fishes that can sift edible particles out of sand, without swallowing too much sand. How?