r packages

Recolorize & patternize workflow

How to combine the recolorize and patternize packages to perform quantitative color pattern analyses.

Function gallery for recolorize

A copy of the recolorize function gallery vignette.

Introduction to recolorize

A copy of the recolorize introductory vignette.

Modifying pixel plots

How to make prettier, more flexible plots of pixels in color space.

Recolorize: Color-based image segmentation (for people with other things to do)

Demo of recolorize, a package for color segmentation.


An R package for quantitative color comparisons.


An R package for automatic, semi-automatic, and manual color segmentation.

Countcolors, an R package for quantification of the fluorescence emitted by Pseudogymnoascus destructans lesions on the wing membranes of hibernating bats

An R package for calculating the area and location of pixels in color ranges in images, used to count the area of white-nose syndrome infection in bats.

Quantitative color profiling of digital images with earth mover’s distance using the R package colordistance

An R package for quantifying color differences.